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“Thanks to all of you for the kindness and support given me throughout my front teeth implant adventure. I felt like I had my own personal cheerleading squad from start to finish. Being part of the dental study group gave me an insight to the procedure I may otherwise have missed out on. Plus, I met some fun people along the way!

“I appreciate it all and am so very pleased with end result — GORGEOUS TEETH — well worth the wait!

“Thanks again for making me feel like a part of the family. I’ll see you all soon for some normal teeth/dental care. Your special, difficult patient....
— Melissa F.

“Thank you for being such a great office ☺ I came in on the 23rd to get my cavity filled and I am a Big Baby!! I cried and your sweet assistant held my hand and even offered her lunch to me to settle my stomach afterwards! Amazing staff! Amazing hearts! Great work, Bill!

“Thank you for your care always and for taking care of me and my family.”
— Cheryl O.

“When I was a child I dreaded going to the dentist. The smell of the office, the sound of the drills, the less-than-friendly staff made my early dental visits less than enjoyable. Because of these experiences the idea of getting my teeth cleaned or a cavity fixed filled me with dread — even as I became an adult. However, after being referred to Dr. Wiggins in 1999, my expectations during my dental visits have completely changed.

“My husband met Dr Wiggins and staff initially and suggested that, I too, switch dentists and use their office. I decided to change and could not have been happier. The inviting and professional office, the cheerful and friendly staff, and the care and experience of Dr. Wiggins himself have taught me that I do not have to dread going to the dentist. I am so thankful that both of my children don’t even blink an eye when I tell them they have dental appointments. In fact, they look forward to going and chatting with everyone — sharing their sports stories with Dr. Bill and, of course, collecting their coins to use in the treat machines!

“My family could not be happier with Dr. Wiggins and his staff. We appreciate all that they do for us when we see them and would highly suggest them to everyone!”
— Terri

“Going to the dentist was never an easy experience for me until I met Dr. Bill and his wonderful staff. It still isn't on my ‘Top Fun Things to do List’ ... but I must say, that I deeply appreciate the sincere and gentle care that I’m given every time I walk into his office. No matter what your age ... Dr. Bill’s team is there to make your experience as good as possible and I would highly recommend them to everyone needing dental care! Thank you, Dr. Bill, for being my personal dentist ... I honestly think you and your team are amazing!”
— Carole, Auburn WA

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dentally challenged. As a child, my brothers and I were asked to brush our teeth every Saturday whether we needed to or not, toothpaste was something my parents were willing to give us for Christmas (on the years we’d been good), and I was only required to take my first trip to the dentist after I got a tooth knocked out in high school. My formative years weren’t exactly a model for a life of bright smiles and immaculate oral hygiene.
Dr. William Wiggins changed all that … well, as much as humanly possible.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Wiggins for over thirty years now! I pride myself on being his most demanding patient, but the truth is I’m probably also his most needy. Dr. Wiggins has alternately coaxed and tricked me into regular checkups, and I’m no longer afraid to open my mouth and show my teeth. Just last year I traded my Barney toothbrush for a big-boy model. There were tears shed in Dr. Wiggins’ office, and some of them weren’t mine.

“Seriously, Dr. Wiggins has been there for me — literally — for the greater part of my adult life. Twelve years ago, I experienced cancer and lost my salivary glands, which presented Dr. Wiggins with yet another unique challenge regarding an effective protocol for protecting my teeth. As expected, Bill and his staff treated me kindly, creatively, proactively, and professionally. They became both friends and family. For me, a trip to Bill’s office is more like a family reunion than an appointment for a dental checkup.

“Dr. William Wiggins and his entire staff provide the kind of personal care one used to expect from a dentist only in days gone by. My family wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!”
— Dave

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