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dental implants vs natural tooth

How Strong Is A Dental Implant As Compared To Natural Teeth

Do you have missing teeth? Do you want a permanent tooth replacement option that is just like natural teeth? Dental implants are just the choice for you! If you are wondering how strong a dental implant is compared to natural teeth, continue to read to find out the answer.

Why Are Dental Implants The Strongest Tooth Replacement Option?

Other tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges are just placed on top of your gum line. However, dental implants mimic natural tooth roots, which provides a stable option. The following are a few reasons why dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement option.

Dental Implants Fuse With Your Jawbone

With dental implants, you get titanium posts that fuse chemically and physically to the bone tissue. It fuses firmly and functions just like the natural tooth root, which is then anchored with a lifelike artificial crown. The titanium material doesn’t corrode or react with body fluids like other metals. It has an oxide film that naturally forms on its surface, which prevents negative interactions with body tissues. It is a very strong and biocompatible material and will lead the bone cells to grow on its surface.

Once you get your implant in place, it takes up to 1-2 weeks for the initial healing process. However, your dental implant will osseointegrate with your jaw bone, which means it will fully integrate with your bone, and become a natural part of your mouth. This process will take 3-6 months or longer. This will make sure you have a replacement that won’t slip, slide, or damage your gums, which is one of the top benefits of choosing dental implants

Dental Implants Are Made To Last

Natural teeth are incredibly strong, however, over time, general wear and tear or dental issues like gum disease and cavities can weaken your teeth. Dental implants are a great option to restore your person’s smile by replacing missing teeth and preventing further damage down the line. A dental implant procedure has a post, which functions like a tooth’s root, it also includes an abutment that connects to the dental crown.

After the dental implant is placed and bonds with the jawbone, it makes it a strong base, stronger than natural teeth. If you maintain proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, dental implants can last a lifetime. The location of the implant also plays a role in predicting the life of a dental implant. Dental implants at the end of the mouth are used to actively chew, which means they are more likely to wear out compared to the implants near the front.

They Do Not Decay

With natural teeth, you can get cavities and tooth decay, and they can even fall out. However, dental implants don’t have any of these issues, which is why dentists often recommend implants as an effective way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. Natural teeth are often susceptible to decay as your mouth harbors bacteria which creates acids that attack your teeth’s enamel. This causes weak teeth and increases your risk for tooth decay.

However, dental implants have several advantages, for instance, they are cavity resistant as they are made of titanium that is impervious to mouth acids. Natural teeth, unlike implants, can get cavities, decay, and even fall out, whereas titanium implants don’t, which is why dentists often recommend them as a way to restore your smile and repair damaged teeth. However, make sure you brush, floss, and use a good mouthwash to make sure your gums are safe and your implants are bacteria-free.

It Is Almost Impossible To Crack Or Break An Implant

Dental implants are almost strong and sturdy as the post and abutment are indestructible, but the crown placed on the post is just like natural teeth, and it can break when there’s extra pressure applied. Just like natural teeth crowns can wear out as a result of bruxism, biting your nails, chewing on ice, or using your teeth to open packages.

Restore Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants 

If you are looking for the best tooth replacement option, consider getting dental implants from the best dentist. This will ensure you get quality treatment and have a successful recovery. 


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